Lolita Blog Carnival- Who inspires you in lolita fashion?

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well!

Once again I am participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival. This week’s topic is: Who inspires you in lolita fashion?

I’m very excited to write this post, because I will get to write about my very favourite people! I’m sorry if I say some silly things, I can’t help it…. So, on with the list!


Obviously my style is not gothic and I do not wear Moitie, so you might be surprised that the first person on my list is Mana. But his music and aesthetics introduced me to lolita fashion and in fact they completely changed the direction of my life. It sounds very melodramatic but it’s true! MALICE MIZER is still my favourite band and I feel like I’m in another world when I listen to their songs. Of course Mana was not the only one contributing to the MALICE MIZER sound and in fact some of my favourite songs are composed by Kozi. However, at the time when I first discovered them it was Mana who made a really strong impression. After all he was a Japanese man dressing as a French doll and looking quite wonderful doing it, and for the first time I realised that really, life is what you make it!


2. Choco-nyan (Ayana)

Everyone on my list has their own distinct style, but for me there is something extra special in the way that Choco-nyan dresses. I miss her appearances in KERA so much and I wish we could know much more about her because she seems so interesting and unique. Her outfits were not pretty-pretty, but very striking in an offbeat, quiet way, always nicely accessoried and always included something unexpected and charming. I liked her way of combining patterns and the colours that she wore- unusual ones like grey, yellow, electric blue. She would put things together that wouldn’t be your first instinct to combine, and yet they would look very good together. These were the things that made her stand out even among the other stylish people snapped in KERA. I’m also a fan of her fringe, which separates from the rest of her hair in a very precise and beautiful fashion. Oh Choco-nyan, I miss you!


3. Audrey Hepburn

There are a few actresses that I admire but the one that I identify the most with is Audrey, since we are similar in physical type and in our aesthetic taste, which is very clean and simple. She is renowned for her stylish mode of dressing, but comfort was top priority for her, and you can see this in what she wore in her movies and in her private life. Lolita can be very ornate and over the top, and maybe some people think that is the best or even only way to wear lolita. I like to see ornate outifts and I can understand the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy, but I do think that a  simple outfit can be just as pretty as a fancy one and make you feel just as good. As well as being inspired by Audrey’s uncluttered style I also really admire the way that she lived her life, remaining cheerful and beautiful until she passed away, and never allowing her troubles to define her.


4. Sachi (of Kokusyoku Sumire/Black Violet)

Sachi is the most beautiful girl in the world! She’s just like Snow White, with her gentle, sweet personality, fair skin, pretty face and beautiful long black hair. I love the whimsical costumes that she wears on stage with Yuka, but I love her more casual style even more. It’s very fairytale-like, but always natural and never overdone. Her headscarves are adorable, her long loose dresses, victorian blouses, little retro touches, plaited hairtsyles, and her serene expression- all so very lovely. For me, she is the perfect lolita, because she seems a little outside of the real world. I can understand why so many indies brands have her as their model, and I am so glad that she is still active, making music, modelling, wearing lolita. Don’t ever stop, Sachi!


5. Junichi Nakahara

When you see Junichi Nakahara’s illustrations, I think you’ll find it very obvious that I get inspiration from him. Strangely though I only really got into Nakahara in the last year, but I had previously seen various Japanese magazine illustrations from the same era floating around (including his) and was drawing style inspiration from them. When I began to find out more about him and see more of his work I became a huge admirer of his. I found out that he had drawn illustrations for some of my favourite stories (Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Pollyanna) and I fell completely in love with his whole world. Nakahara’s style is bold and simple, but at the same time beautifully romantic and feminine. I like the way his girls pose right to the tips of their fingers, their side-glancing eyes, short fringes and curled and braided hairstyles.  The clothes they wear are not a fantasy, but things that I would quite happily fill my everyday wardrobe with. I think he had a very beautiful and complete vision and made a great contribution to Japanese culture.

Junichi Nakahara

6. All the lolitas in the whole world

Having lolita friends and knowing lolitas online through their blogs, tumblrs, facebook etc is also a great source of inspiration. There are so many wonderful lolitas out there dressing in all different ways, and even if their aesthetic is totally different from mine it can still be inspirational. It’s refreshing to see people’s new ideas and also interesting to watch what is picked up as a trend and what is left behind (like those poor old cake hats). Lolita fashion has been going for quite a long time now and I hope it will continue for many, many years. I am glad to be a part of it!

Thank you for reading this post. Are you also a fan of some of these people?

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