International Lolita Day December 2013

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well!


Last Saturday was International Lolita Day, and I was lucky enough to celebrate it with my comm. We had tea together at Christie in Harajuku.

先週の土曜日はInternational Lolita Dayでした。外国人のロリータたちは大きいオンラインコミュニティがあります(EGL)。あのオンラインコミュニティはInternational Lolita Day作りました。一年二回このイベントがあります、6月そして12月。夏のコーデと冬のコーデも着る事ができますね!


There were so many of us, almost 20! We sat at a looooong table in Christie and it was rather cosy. Coincidentally some Japanese lolitas were also having a meet up at the table next to ours.



I wore an outfit that was almost completely Meta! The blouse, suit and skirt are all from Metamorphose, the bag is Baby and the headdress I made myself. Here is a closer picture of the headdress:



I used a few bits from Okadaya and also dismantled a 100yen Christmas decoration to make it.



You can see the pintucks on my blouse in this picture. I really love them! I’m also super happy to have the Regimental Stripe series. I always wanted a lolita suit and regimental stripes are one of my favourite motifs! I have the waistcoat too and I’m looking for the barrette.



I ordered the fruit sandwiches at Christie. I had them before as part of a preset menu when I went there with a Japanese lolita comm, and though I would never have ordered them myself I ate them anyway and found they were very delicious! I don’t particularly like fruit (prefer vegetables) but somehow it’s nice in a sandwich….



Our group picture ❤ We took this with a self timer! Afterwards of course it was time for purikura.



Last year we squeezed everyone into one purikura booth. This year we took a more sensible approach and split into teams. We are the blue team!



I really love this picture of me and Sandra, the “Metamorphose Combo”. We are both bending down because we’re too tall to fit in the frame, haha!


All in all I had a lovely International Lolita Day, and one that was truly international! I hope you enjoyed yours too.

世界中のロリータちゃんはInternational Lolita Dayに参加したら、とてもいいと思います!6月と12月の最初の土曜日ですよ!

See you next time,




See what I did for ILD last year!


2 thoughts on “International Lolita Day December 2013

  1. I love your outfit!!! I make hair pieces from Xmas decorations myself XD
    My second favourit is the one of the girl with the round glasses.
    Fruit sandwitches doesn’t seem my cup of tea, but I would like them I try them.

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