More Moomins!

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are well!


As I previously threatened, I once again returned to the Moomin cafe to sample the sweets menu. I took some different pictures this time.


Here’s the inside of the cafe, decorated for Christmas.



Moomin and another creature (I really have to find an English version of those books…) are riding a festive canoe, and other moomins are taking tea with the customers.



You can see a little of the mural on the wall behind me.



We ordered the pancakes (made by moominmama, apparently) and the french toast and shared them. I liked the combination of fruit freshening up the pancakes which are naturally a bit stodgy, but the french toast was yummiest! I had royal milk tea and my friend had hot chocolate, which both came with a little character shaped biscuit. Very nice!



Friendly moomin outside. And my finger in the corner, derp. I saw a little girl run up and kiss him on the nose, it was so cute!



Here’s my outfit. I decided to go for a retro look and tried a new hairstyle that you can see on my instragram (the link is in the side bar). Scarf and cardigan are vintage, skirt Jane Marple, tights tutuanna. I realise these boots are on heavy rotation, sorry! I will try to wear something different next post.


Thanks for reading and see you again soon! Next post will probably be about the Innocent World fashion party!


今度Innocent World Fashion Partyの写真です!楽しんで下さい!




8 thoughts on “More Moomins!

  1. Loved seeing your report again and your outfit! I just saw your hairstyle on instagram and it is so pretty! ❤ Would you consider doing a tutorial for it?^^ I have the same hair length as you and I would love to do more creative things with it!

  2. Your outfit is so lovely, and if those are your favourite boots at the moment that’s perfectly fine, they’re pretty!<
    I love the Christmas decoration at Moomin Café, it's so adorable. ❤

  3. I adore your outfit especially the cardigan. I hope that some day I can go to a moomin cafe. The name of the creature in the canoe is called a hattifattener in the english books 🙂

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