Lolita Blog Carnival- 3 Prints in your Favourite Colourway

Hello dear readers! How are you? Once again I am participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival. Today’s topic is “3 Prints in your Favourite Colourway”


The three prints I have chosen are all ones I own, and I can truly say that I love them. I will count down to my number one favourite!


3. Innocent World Versailles Rose in Ivory x Blue (2011)

This print also came in Chocolat and Ivory x Pink. I have and love the pink long jumperskirt version, but I would like to get the same in blue someday! What I like about this print is that it is actually very detailed and ornate when you look closely, but it appears quite subtle and tasteful when you look at the dress as a whole. The gentle colours of the print allow for a very fluffy tiered skirt which can look nice with a big or small petticoat. I really like to have versatile pieces since I wear lolita as everyday clothing.



2. Metamorphose Antique Bouquet in Antique Blue (circa 2005)

Since it’s first incarnation this print has been regularly re-released. It has come in many colours- pink, eau du nil, antique blue, brown, black and red. I have a pink onepiece and a black skirt from this series (different releases). Basically I love all the colourways (though some releases of the pink are a bit garish) and it would be nice to collect one of each, but antique blue is particularly lovely. The point I love about this print is that it really does look antique. The colours are watery looking rather than solid, and the cameo and stripe combination is classic and elegant. I also like that it is an older print in lolita, it’s very nostalgic.



1. Metamorphose Gobelin Rose in Blue (circa 2000)

Another nostalgic print! Again, it is one of those series which gets re-released now and again. I was sad that the most recent release was a little blocky and pixelly, since I would like to collect items in the brown and red colourways too. Still, it is exciting to scour Closet Child for treasures! I actually own my favourite colourway already, in the form of a long jumperskirt. It was among the first lolita items I bought, along with the Antique Bouquet onepiece, and is still one of my favourites. It could be my most favourite but I can’t decide between it and my Innocent World Bisque Doll…. They have a very different feeling so it depends on the day and situation! I think all classical lolitas love gobelin, and this series is very versatile since it is a print rather than actual gobelin fabric. You can wear it in any season and the colours in the print (beige, lavender, green, saxe, navy and royal blue) allow for all sorts of coordination possibilities.



If you are a regular reader it will be no surprise to you that I chose all the blue colourways! I began to think of why I love blue so much…. Blue is the colour of Our Lady, and hence has connotations of purity, femininity, heavenliness and peace. Blue suits my name Sapphira, which comes from sapphire. Blue roses seem so romantic and mysterious to me, since they can’t exist in nature (roses don’t have a gene to produce blue pigment).  Also I just like it, I suppose!


Also, I only chose all-over florals, even though these days there are many beautiful and highly sought-after border prints in lolita. Although these florals might seem a bit boring in comparison, they are my favourites because the print and the cut work harmoniously together in an effortless way and they are always a pleasure to wear without being too flashy. Generally florals are very classic but have endless possibilities for variation, as you can see from this list.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and see you again soon.





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