Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita and You in Eight Years

Hello dear readers! Hope you are all well.

Once again I’m participating in Lolita Blog Carnival. This week’s topic is:

Lolita and You in Eight Years

Eight years seems like a long time doesn’t it? I suppose it is! My interest in lolita actually started around eight years ago (though I didn’t start wearing it properly until later) so I think it could happily last another eight. Lolita has absorbed itself into my life and identity to the point where I feel it’s an intrinsic part of me. I hope I will be a life-long fan and contribute to the culture of lolita.

Although the essence of lolita is always the same, the style has evolved during the years since it’s first inception in the 1990s. It will be interesting to see the new directions that it takes, which brands become more or less prominent and whether some new substyles will emerge. I wonder what the most popular style of lolita will be in eight years? Will there be more lolita music, films, books, magazines? And since the style will have been around for a long time, maybe we’ll see more and more people in their forties and fifties wearing it?

My life has certainly changed since I discovered lolita. The biggest changes were finishing my schooling and moving to a new country. In the next eight years, I hope there will be more changes. By that time I would like to have a nice house (not an apartment), two or three children and at least one cat! It’s a pretty average sort of dream but it’s what I would really like.

I hope to have children who like lolita, but of course when they are very young they won’t be able to talk and so I won’t know about that… I suppose they’ll be at my mercy!! I would like to make clothes for them, and go to Disneyland and Disney Sea and the zoo and for picnics and bicycle rides wearing pretty clothes together. I would like to make lots of happy memories with my children and give them just as wonderful a childhood as I was lucky to have.

So those are the children, the cats won’t care if I’m a lolita so long as I feed them and pet them I’m sure. As for my nice house, I would like one with a beautiful walk-in closet to keep my lolita clothes in! In eight years, I would like to have a carefully curated collection. I want to collect the prints in my last LBC post, have some Mary Magdalene pieces (I don’t have any yet!) and some old proto-lolita items from Betty’s Blue, Pink House and MILK. I’d like a nun dress too! Maybe I won’t wear that one for the school run though….

I have some vague dreams about writing books about lolita, or making my own lolita magazine that’s just for classical style. I have even vaguer dreams about making lolita music but I will need to be blessed with some sudden miraculous musical talent first. Anyway, I hope that in eight years time I will have found some way to contribute to lolita, because I really do feel that it is a unique subculture and one that has the power to last.

As for my actual style in eight years, I suppose with all those children and cats my way of wearing lolita will still be quite practical like now. I don’t see it changing dramatically because it’s not in my nature to be capricious, but I hope it will improve and I’d like to try some slightly more boyish styles and gothic styles from time to time. Probably because my style is easy for everyday I can see myself wearing lolita indefinitely. And because I love lolita very very much.

I will have to work hard to have all these things in eight years, but I am looking forward to what the future brings, for me and for lolita fashion!

Thank you for reading and see you next time.



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