One day shop staff at Fairy wish (Fushigi no Mori no Youhinten)

Hello dear readers? How are you? Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have been very busy these past couple of weeks but I have the weekend free, so I’m enjoying a relaxing Saturday at home.


Last week I worked at Fushigi no Mori no Youhinten! It was such a lovely day, like a dream. I spent all day in a shop full of pretty things, antiques and lolita clothes! I wore Fairy wish’s Akazukin Jumperskirt in black, the fabric is really gorgeous and the design is simple and striking.



Alice looked lovely as usual, her red bobbed wig really suits her! It was the first time meeting her since the fashion show in England and it was so nice spending time with her again.


Many people came to the shop, I was very happy. Most customers stayed for quite a long time and had tea and chatted and ate yummy cake made by the artist Atsuko Kaneda until it was sold out! Reica Chatani came along and I met her for the first time. I hope I can see her again sometime, she is very sweet! Another of the customers was Motonobu Inoue. He is a professional mangaka and he drew my portrait.It really looks like me, don’t you think? I am so happy and I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to be drawn by him!



As I wrote about before, there is a charity bazaar in aid of abandoned cats being held. Lots of people have donated items and there are some really interesting ones. There were some pieces from a very old lolita brand called Maid Lane Revue, including a tartan skirt with boning sewn inside to make a dramatic sillhouette. My friend came to visit and bought a very cute cream-coloured onepiece from the same brand, and after the shop closed I bought the skirt with boning. I don’t think I can wear it often since it limits your mobility somewhat but I want to come up with a 1990s Vivenne Westwood-like coordinate with it. It came in a set with this cute Jane Marple blouse with a wired collar!



Tomorrow (Sunday 26th) is the last day of business for Fushigi no Mori no Youhinten! I really urge you to come along for this last day. It might be raining but you can have a cup of tea in the shop! Pretty model Rino Shinomiya is doing a one day shop staff, and the charity bazaar is continuing. Please come and check the beautiful and interesting items and help the cats! The shop will be open from 2pm-8pm.


Click HERE for more information on the Fairy wish blog! Map and directions are at the bottom of the page.

Thank you so much to all the people who came, I really enjoyed meeting you and I’m looking forward to next time. I will try to improve my Japanese so we can talk more easily! Thanks also to Alice Kobayashi for being so kind as to invite me. I will treasure this lovely day in my memory always!




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