Lolita Blog Carnival- 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Once again I’m participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival, a blogging group where each week there is a topic to write about and we all post about it and link to each other’s posts. It’s nice for getting different perspectives on the same subject!

Today’s topic is “1 Piece, 4 Seasons”

The piece I chose was Innocent World’s Bisque Doll jumperskirt in brown. I wear it a lot and I find it very versatile.



I paired this brown jumperskirt with blue items for a cheerful springtime look. Since the tights have a lot of cream and neutral colours in the print as well as blue it seems to balance quite well.

Bonnet: Handmade

Bag: Disney (it’s for popcorn, I just carried it for the picture)

Others: Offbrand and vintage



I live in ankle socks in the summer and this super fluffy pair from Metamorphose is my favourite! I also wore an Atelier Pierrot blouse with big puffy elbow sleeves. It’s nice and breezy for summer!

Hat: Handmade

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot

Bag: Swimmer

Socks: Metamorphose



Browns and creams are nice and cosy for autumn. I put frilled socks with my ankle boots for extra cuteness. I also wore a headscarf for a fairytale look.

Scarf, blouse: Vintage

Bag: Metamorphose

Socks x2: 300yen shop



I don’t wear black so often but during winter I feel like it keeps me warmer. Black and brown is a very mature combination but the cuteness of the print stops the outfit from being too sombre.

Necklace: Chocochip Cookie

Headbow: Innocent World

Bag: Metamorphose

Others: Offbrand

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed seeing these coordinates! Which is your favourite season for Lolita?


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6 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival- 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

  1. Awwhhh omg this is perfect!! (*☻∇☻*) Everything is so classic and beautiful! And I LOVE the spring bonnet! ヽ(´u`\ )
    …that must have been very difficult to make by hand? :3

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