Snow Day in Tokyo

Hello dear readers! How are you? Maybe you have seen pictures of the snow in Tokyo over the weekend?


Although snow was predicted I didn’t pay much attention because it seldom comes to anything. However, on Saturday morning I opened the curtains and….



It was definitely snowing. Very pretty indeed, and usually I wouldn’t venture outdoors in this weather but… I had tickets for the Ghibli Museum this day! It is hard to get tickets for the weekend even though I went to Lawson just a day or two after the month’s tickets went on sale, so I certainly didn’t want to miss out on my visit. I met my friend in Kichijoji and we set out to the museum together.


20140211-142427.jpgWe walked through Inokashira Park. The snow was so deep and still falling fast. I’ve read about ‘a blanket of snow’ and for the first time I saw it!



The lake was completely covered with snow. The pedalos were frozen solid.



Finally we reached the museum. It was the second time I visited, but the first time was in 2007 so it has changed a little since then. Trudging through the frozen forest to reach this magical place seemed like a dream! Although I will not make a habit of taking long walks through snowstorms, I enjoyed my day very much.


Do you like snow? What is it like in your country?


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you again soon!




10 thoughts on “Snow Day in Tokyo

  1. There’s unusually little snow here in Norway :/ But I’ve actually heard about lots of snow all over Japan, lucky you! 😀
    Btw, where in Tokyo do you live? Curious x3
    Lastly, lovely jacket :”333

  2. Such lovely photos! We’re actually having a lot of snow here in the southeastern US right now! It’s pretty unusual, but I’m enjoying it 😀 Everything seems more magical in the snow to me.

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