Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello dear readers! Happy Valentine’s Day to you.


Before I wrote about Christmas in Japan, now it’s the turn of this romantic saint’s day. In England, our big tradition is giving Valentines cards. They are anonymous and you can give them either to the person you would really like to confess to, or just to friends for fun. I remember making one for my pet canary Oliver when I was at Brownies, and the other Brownies teased me because they thought Oliver was a human boy. I think I got quite upset over it!


The more grown-up tradition is for boyfriends and husbands to give flowers and chocolates to their significant others, and also for romantic dinner dates.


In Japan however, it’s the girls who give the chocolates! To boyfriends and husbands but also to friends and co-workers. Then on the 14th of March (White Day) all the boys have to return the favour and give the girls presents.


I think giving cards is the most fun custom, but I wanted to join in the traditions here too. Last year I made chocolates with my friend and it was lots of fun! I decided to give it another go this year.


Last year we used a truffle recipe that turned out well, so I decided to repeat it this year. The first batch of chocolates I made were strawberry chocolate-topped alphabet truffles.



The strawberry chocolate went kind of weird and oily when I melted it and set in a rather lumpen fashion, but the taste was good!



The second batch was just the truffle mixture in dome-shaped moulds, and then I decorated them with violet-coloured deco chocolate (it comes in a handy tube) and heart shaped mini chocs.


20140214-182313.jpgThe third batch has a running theme as you can tell- malformation! I put the truffle mix into my alphabet moulds but it didn’t set very well at all… And finally I remembered that last time we used plain chocolate for the moulds and poured the truffle mix into paper cases.


In spite of some obvious failures all my handmade chocolates tasted good and I even managed to save the appearance of some of them. Plus it was great fun and I learned a lesson for next year! Let’s hope I remember it.


I hope you are enjoying your Valentine’s Day! See you again soon,






4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Waa your truffles are so cute!!e Espesh the first two batches. I was pressurised into making the husband chocs again this year too – rum truffles! I miss the English valentines where I got dinner and perfume!x

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