I missed Shimokita! お久しぶり下北沢

Hello dear readers!


I’ve blogged about going to Shimokitazawa several times already, so you can tell I really like it! It has a good atmosphere and it’s not too crowded. I love shopping at Grand Bazaar Lolita there since it’s more focused on classical/otome than Closet Child tends to be. It’s been a while since my last visit to that area though, maybe because I can get my fix of vintage shops in my own neighbourhood and Shinjuku is closer for lolita shopping.


On this particular day I had a chance to meet up with my good friends from university (we are all graduated and working now), and I suggested Shimokita. Actually I suggested Nakano Broadway as well but one of my friends thought I meant something to do with kicklines and top hats and opted for Shimokita instead….


We started off with tea at La Palette.


20140212-155704.jpgI really like this cafe, they have delicious homemade cakes and quiches, an interesting selection of teas, and the interior is old-world cute!


20140212-155636.jpg I had chestnut and chocolate cake and sakura tea. The cake was especially nice! I really like chestnut desserts like Mont Blanc.



I was a little disappointed with the tea cup since they usual give Minton chinaware. However I could admire the pretty colour of my cherry blossom flavour tea.



Here’s my outfit. Blouse is Jessica MacClintock (Gunne Sax), jumperksirt Emily Temple cute. The boots were more for practicality than style- the streets were snowy and slushy (and they still are now).


We went shopping after tea, and both my friend and I found some nice items at Grand Bazaar. I got a bargain MILK cardigan and old-school Emily Temple Cute corduroy jumperskirt. I’ll show you them soon!


Before saying goodbye we took purikura together:



Thanks for a lovely day, girls! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, dear readers. Thanks for looking!


Please look forward to the next post,




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