Sunday Teatime

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Time is passing quickly and now we are in March, with the cherry blossoms due to arrive at the end of the month. I hope the weather will be better this year so we will have more of chance to enjoy them. Do you know a pretty and quiet place to do ohanami? I heard that Daikanyama and Yoyogi are good.



On the second it was the KERA snap. I hope I’ll get in but as always I’m afraid I won’t! I’ve been lucky so far but there is a lot of competition.


20140313-180839I put my outfit theme as “Afternoon Walk” and my fashion point is my flowery Jane Marple hat! Lately I like wearing black, I never really liked it much before but I am starting to appreciate it.  I think combining it with pink and grey has a pretty effect! I used my Jean Paul Gaultier embossed rose bag this time. I really love it but it is a bit awkward to use. My big squashy Metamorphose bag is so much more practical! Still this one finishes the outfit nicely. Of course, my skirt and tights are Fairywish! The tights were a little short on me previously, but I carefully handwashed them and gently stretched them when they were wet and now they are just right. I recommend this technique for tall girls! My necklace is an antique one I bought at Fushigi no Mori no Youhinten on it’s last day of business. My blouse doesn’t have a brand, but it has a lot of buttons!


20140313-180921.jpgAfter the snap I had a look round Marui, and then made my way to Meguro. Near Meguro station there is a branch of To The Herbs, I like to go there for tea. This time I had “To The Herbs tea” which is a blend of all sorts of things, rosemary, lemongrass, rose and other things that I forgot. It was very nice!



I also had the strawberry shortcake! With sliced strawberries arranged in a flower shape on top, it looked bit different to the usual anime-type strawberry shortcake. The taste was the same as usual though- very yummy!


I went to Meguro on a special mission, but I’ll tell you about that another time!

Thanks for reading and see you again soon,





15 thoughts on “Sunday Teatime

  1. That outfit is absolutely perfect! Just wooow 😀 I absolutely love it!
    And thankyou for the tip regarding stretching tights. Until now, since I’m mostly wearing low shoes or boots anyway, I’ve always cut off the feet of all my tights to wear them as kind of really thin leggings but I’ll remember this next time I buy some new ones.

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