Duffy Day

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Last weekend I went to Disney Sea! It was a long weekend due to a public holiday, and hence I could not get advance tickets. Instead, I went there at 7am to get an on-the-day ticket! There were huge queues but eventually I got in!


I probably mentioned before that I am a Duffy fan. I love teddy bears and he is an extra adorable one! His name is similar to that of my old Latin teacher (he was Mr Dufty- I wonder if he reads my blog now? Salve Mr Dufty!) but he is cute enough to make up for it. I had two special aims this day- one, to see the My Friend Duffy show, and two, to get a Duffy’s face bag! I headed to Cape Cod to join the queue for the Cape Cod Cook-off (you can watch a show about Duffy while eating hamburgers or desserts!)

20140326-110245.jpgOf course the food was delicious. I had a cod burger and fries. So yummy! The show was quite nice, the second half was better. The characters look so cute and I am alwas startstruck by Mickey! I liked Duffy and Shellie May’s tails, they are kind of droopy which gives a really adorable appearance.


20140324-185018.jpgWhen I went outside Thumper was there! His manly pose is the cutest. I wanted to squeeze his cheeks but his head might have come off so I refrained. I saw Jasmine and Prince Eric later, but I didn’t approach them. There are so few foreigners in Japan that you often feel a bit awkward meeting a fellow one, and of course it’s even more awkward if they are pretending to be Prince Eric at the time. Maybe I’d feel differently in France or America! By the way, I used to have a grey lop-eared rabbit called Thumper. She was a girl, and rather fierce!



It was super bright so it was a bit hard to take nice pictures, but here is my outfit. Since it was  a Duffy day I wore lots of teddy bears! My skirt and socks are from Innocent World, blouse is Anna House and others are vintage and offbrand. I actually wore a huge Mickey hoodie over the top all day because it was much colder than I had hoped.


20140324-184625.jpgI then went to Aunt Peg’s Village Store (so cute!!) in search of a Duffy bag. I thought I had found it, but it turned out to be a cushion! Giant Shellie May and Duffy were having their tea at the front of the shop. I love seeing people carrying around their dressed-up Duffys and Shellie Mays. I’m kind of tempted to get some myself but I have so many nice stuffed toys in England already, plus no space for them in my Japanese apartment. I can allow myself the Duffy bag because it has a practical use (ahem).



I also rode the Venetian Gondolas, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, and the Temple of the Crystal Skull . My favourite is Sindbad! I like looking at the dolls and the music makes me feel so heroic, haha. My stomach also had delicious adventures at Restaurant Sakura. I had udon and other bits and pieces, it was so good! My mouth is watering just looking at this picture again.



Also, I finally found my Duffy bag! It was in McDuck’s Emporium, and everyone was buying them. There was a lady with her arms full of a dozen or so! I am so happy with my one.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I think the next time I go it will be to Disneyland, because I really like seeing the Electrical Parade. However, I heard there will be Muppet attractions later this year at Disney Sea! I’m certaunly excited for those. 




Thanks for reading and see you again soon,






12 thoughts on “Duffy Day

  1. I love DisneySea so much, it’s definitely my favourite Disney park. I really love Duffy too, I didn’t really know much about him when I went though so I wasn’t able to make the most of him while I was there. I’m glad you managed to get your bag! And I know what you mean about meeting face characters, I find it awkward no matter what country it’s in. It’s much easier to suspend disbelief with the fuzzy characters (and they’re much cuter anyway!)

  2. As every time you wear a teddy themed coordinate, I’m in love with your outfit. The photo with Thumper definitely has a fairytale aura!
    And don’t let me start to talk about how much I love Aunt Peg’s Village Store and your new bag because I’d write too much.

  3. Oh I want to go so bad, your adventure looks so awesome, and it’s been so long since I’ve been to a Disney Park. Your new bag it super cute, can’t wait to see you wear it in a future coordinate.

  4. I popped to Disneysea Monday evening before heading back to Osaka! I got my pic it’s Duffy and a popcorn bucket too! I wish I lived nearer so could go more often, USJ if fun but not half as cute!x

    • Your photos at USJ always look so fun, I want to go sometime. I know you love Duffy too! I need to bring my popcorn bucket back from England, it’s currently full of hair accessories….

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