Lolita Blog Carnival- Create a Flower Themed Coordinate

Hello dear readers! Once again I’m participating in the Lolita Blog Carnival. This week’s topic is:

Create a Flower Themed Coordinate

As you may know it is cherry blossom season in Japan. During this time people go to see the blossoms and usually have a picnic (sometimes a drunken one). Viewing the blooms is called ‘hanami’. In this post I’ll be making three coordinates to wear to ohanami. They are all using Innocent World’s Versailles Rose jumperskirt, because I think the pink colour and delicate floral print is just right for hanami. Are there any lolita prints featuring cherry blossoms I wonder? I can’t recall any at present. Also you’ll have to imagine off white mary-janes with all of these because I don’t want to put shoes on my bed!


1. Classical Hime


Blouse: Handmade by me (it’s actually a onepiece but I often layer it like a blouse)

Hair accessory: Handmade

Tights: Offbrand (New Look)

Necklace: Jane Marple

Bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright


The theme of this coordinate is girly and like a princess. Because of this I added a necklace with a crown motif, pink accents. The pink lace tights have a floral motif. I made the hair accessory for a Marie Antoinette themed meet up!


2. Classical Country20140330-131722.jpg

Hat: Daiso, decorated by me

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot

Necklace: Offbrand (Accessorize)

Tights: Offbrand (New Look)

Parasol: Innocent World


I feel a bit confused sometimes about how to define Country Lolita, but to my mind it would be simple with a subdued colour scheme and with elements of natural kei like pintucks, Edwardian details, aprons, and ankle boots, and of course the old favourites of straw accessories, gingham and fruit motifs. Maybe this outfit is Country Lolita then! It’s plainer than the previous coordinate with white/cream accents instead of pink. This cotton blouse from Atelier Pierrot has really huge puff sleeves! They are elbow length with makes this blouse great for spring.


3. Classical Victorian



Bonnet: Triple Fortune

Blouse: Franche Lippée

Tights: Offbrand (Best Beauty, you can find this brand in ordinary department stores/sock shops in Japan)

Bag: Jean Paul Gaultier

20140330-131708.jpgLooking at this photo I think I should have added some pink flowers to the bonnet. This coordinate has a heavier look than the previous ones and this time the accent colour is green, picking up on the leaves in the print. Since the bonnet ribbon covers the neck area I chose a blouse with pretty cuffs since they will be more noticable.

Which coordinate is your favourite? What would you change about them? Let me know in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival- Create a Flower Themed Coordinate

  1. I think I like #2 the best! It looks fresh and fun. I really like the blouse in the third one though – it’s so soft and pretty! I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get a chance to do hanami this year, there was just too much rain and weird weather lately.

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