BrilliantStar☆Decorations in Sanrio Puroland

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BrilliantStar☆デコレーションズ in サンリオピューロランド

Today I’ll tell you about an event happening on Saturday the 12th of April. It’s called Brilliant Star Decorations, and it is held by the  designers of Triple Fortune, Kaie and Babi (also known as Brilliant Kingdom). Take a look at this video to see what to expect (there are English subtitles).


This event will be even bigger and better, because it will be held at Sanrio Puroland! It will be my first time to go there, and I am really excited. Everything looks so cute and adorable. Also, no need to worry about the weather because all the attractions are indoors!


Of course there will also be a live performance by Brilliant Kingdom, and appearances by Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters! There’s also a shopping area, fashion contest, and fashion show. The fashion show will be held at the Fairyland Theatre. It’s beautiful! I think it will really feel like we’re in another world.


I will be in the fashion show, along with Misako Aoki, Yui Minakata, Chikage, Rino Shinomiya and other wonderful guest models. You can check out all the names on the event website (see below). I feel really honoured to be included! It’s not just a simple fashion show either, there will also be dancers and spoken and sung performances. We have begun rehearsing and I’m sure it is going to be really wonderful! The styling for the show is quite OTT with multicoloured wigs and strong makeup. It’s so different from my usual lolita style so I’m excited to see how I will look! It will be the most difficult fashion show I’ve done in terms of movements, changes and navigating the stage, but it will also be the most fun and interesting to watch and be in. Everyone has been working so hard on it and I will do my best to give a good performance!

Here are the participating brands:


Dangerous nude
nude sox
Enchantlic Enchantilly
pureblack Gothic Labo
†Black Sheep†

Some of these you might not have heard of. pureblack Gothic Labo is an accesories brand, †Black Sheep† is wigs, and tokone is tights. Please check them all out! Also, although these brands are not showing, you can also buy them at this event!


Shortcake Poodle
Pastel Parade
Pina sweetcollection
nedimama maria 540801
Fatima Design 

Here is the event page:


It’s a little more expensive than some other events, but I think it is worth it for the venue and the creative and unique performances you will see. How about entering the fashion contest? I hope to see you there!

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5 thoughts on “BrilliantStar☆Decorations in Sanrio Puroland

    • She’s showing tights! I saw them yesterday, they’re gorgeous. I’d love to see someone wearing the cosplay we saw at the Sakizo exhibition in a fashion show though!

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