Shimokita and Harajuku

Hello dear readers! How are you?


A little while ago I went to meet some friends in Shimokitazawa. Here’s my outfit:




My blouse, jumperskirt and ribbons are from Metamorphose. My bag is BABY and tights and shoes are offbrand. I think it doesn’t come across so well in this picture but my blouse and tights are navy blue. I’ve been wanting to try out combining navy and saxe blue, do you think it worked well this time?



We went to a cafe called Shimokita Cha-en. They specialise in shaved ice. I don’t usually like ice desserts all that much, but on this day it was very warm and the cafe was actually hot! So it was perfect. They had a lot of interesting flavours like sakura, matcha and houjicha. I chose kuromistu kinako with shiratama topping. It was really good! The size was so generous that I couldn’t finish it unfortunately. I’ll surely go back here again in the hot summer and try some other flavours! Or maybe have this one again, haha.



After having a walk around Shimokita, we went to Harajuku. Of course we had a look in Closet Child. I got this cute crown-shaped Jane Marple necklace. I really love Jane Marple accessories but this is actually my first piece. I’m not very good at wearing jewellery (I usually forget to put it on…) but I’m perpetually making an effort to get better at it. I think this will go with a lot of things and it’s not too heavy (I have had some painful experiences with heavy pendants) so I’ll try to wear it a lot. I also got the Blooming Snow White underbust jumperskirt in off-white. Since I donated my Marie Antoinette skirt to the cats charity bazaar, I didn’t have any BABY clothing and I honestly didn’t expect to own any more since it seldom suits me. However I came across this lovely jumperskirt for a low price (apparently it has damages but I still haven’t found them) and it looked so cute and spring-like I couldn’t resist! It’s pretty short so I’ll have to wear it in an otome-ish way.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for reading and please check back again soon.






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