Brilliant Star Decorations in Sanrio Puroland

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Today I’ll share some pictures from the fashion show at Sanrio Puroland.


First up, Enchantilic Enchantilly! The other models looked so adorable, like little dolls.


d0155379_15132315I loved my opera hat and the wrist cuffs! It’s actually two sets of wrist cuffs worn together for extra fluffiness. Fumiko showed me how to wear them with the ribbons turned forward so that you can see them better when you walk. It’s a good tip I think!



The cutlery motifs are too cute! The clothes had many nice details like trims and embellishments



Dangerous nude and nude SOX were next. I like the avant garde style of this brand!


I walked in a couple with Nobuhito Ishihara! This show was really dynamic, with little skits and lots of walking variation. It was a bit tricky to remember everything but I think this kind of show is so much fun to watch!



I wore the Medusa print jumperskirt and BJD tights. Medusa is such a cool print.


The grand finale, Triple Fortune! The line-up included three amazing wedding dresses, and of course lots of lovely hats and bonnets. Accessories were by pureblack Gothic Labo.

グランフィナーレはトリプルフォーチュン。華やかなウェディングドレスが3つありました!すごかったです。もちろんステキな帽子とボネットもありました。アクセサリーはpureblack Gothic Laboでした。,small=800,quality=75,type=jpg

I wore a black and gold corset and skirt set up, and walked with Yui Minakata!


The corset gave a lovely shape, and the hoop petticoat was huge!


Wigs were by †Black Sheep†

ウィッグは†Black Sheep†

Make-up by Miyuki (check out her eyelashes brand!)


I was so happy to be a part of this event. It was amazing to be on this fairytale-like stage and to wear all these fantastic clothes. I don’t know if it shows in the pictures but I was having the time of my life parading around, haha! I’m so shy normally so I get a sort of rush from doing these show-offy things.


There will be more Brilliant Decorations events in the future, so please look forward to them!

Thanks for reading and see you again soon,





Photos from Brilliant Kingdom blog

and Dangerous Nude blog.


12 thoughts on “Brilliant Star Decorations in Sanrio Puroland

  1. I was freaking out over your wig and then realised that you provided a link to where it was from!! Thanks so much for that. =)

    Did you think the wig was high quality? I have never heard of this store before now.

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