Decadent Party at Laduree

Hello dear readers! How are you? It’s quite hot today, I think summer will be here soon!


Last week my friend had a birthday party at Ladurée. I’ve been to the Ginza one, the Paris one and the London one before, but not with lolita friends, so this time was extra fun! Everyone looked super pretty, and I think altogether we even outdid the rococco-eqsue decor.



I wore my Juliette et Justine Bisque Doll onepiece, because I knew that the birthday girl liked this dress. I coordinated with what I call my ‘Kamijo’ blouse. It can look girly with a dress or boyish with a jacket or waistcoat. It was kind of hard to photograph as it was windy! We caused a big crowd to gather as we took outfit shots, I think people thought it was some kind of performance maybe. I suppose not many lolitas come to Ginza!



I coordinated quite simply because I think that’s my strength in dressing (I love to see elaborate outfits but I realise I lack the flair for them) but I was pleased with my hairstyle. If you are wondering, the little blue bows are attached to u-pins.



We all had the course menu, and this was the main- pork with mushy peas! The peas were a surprise but it was all very tasty. Are mushy peas elegant in France? Or is this a Japanese invention?



We could choose our own tea and two macarons for dessert. Evrything on the menu looked and sounded mouth-watering, so after a long deliberation I got one reliably delicious rose macaron, and one Marie Antoinette macaron, because it matched my outfit. It was a popular choice and it tasted really good! It’s the same taste as their Marie Antoinette which is jamine and rose flavoured.



Have you been to Ladurée? Which is your favourite macaron? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading and see you again soon,




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14 thoughts on “Decadent Party at Laduree

  1. Beautiful outfit ! I love your hair too ! It is original, soft and classy at the same time. I love La Durée too and my favorite macarons is the Framboise one and the Vanille one. ^^

  2. Laduree has the best Macarons in the world and everytime I’m in Paris, I go there to buy Macarons, even if they cost a fortune >_< But I like nearly all flavours so I buy nearly all of them xD

  3. You looked amazing as always! Your hair was really cute in the big puffs. I think we all looked great – next time we need to charge per photo people snap!

    I’ve only been to the Laduree in Ginza, but I want to try the one at Mitsukoshi mae station that’s all navy blue inside! Amazingly a Laduree shop was just built in Miami. I hope it does well so I can visit it when I go back home, but I’m not sure if Miami is the best market for fancy French things like that.

    I got to try the Marie Antoinette macaron when I got home and I liked it! It was very floral and interesting. I bought a rose one too because that’s one of my favorites.

    • We could make a lot of money if we did that! Ooh I didn’t know about that Laduree, it sounds super pretty. There are so many Ladurees in Tokyo! That’s interesting about the one in Miami, I hope it will flourish. I suppose there aren’t many competitors there so maybe that will help.

  4. I haven´t been to Ladurée so far but next month I´ll be in Paris and also make a visit at Ladurée in Rue Bonnaparte 🙂 All macarons look (and sound) really delicious but I think I would choose Fraise, Caramel Fleur de Sel and Chocolate Bergamotte.

    You´re outfit is very nice. It´s a nice contrast from your pretty, dark hair to the bright colours of the coord. The little bows also look very cute in your hair^^.

  5. I never went to Laduree nor I am a great fan of macaroons. As for now the ones I liked best are pistachio or cranberry ones.
    I want to try to tie pearls to u-pins, but I don’t know if I would really wear them.

  6. ladurée is so luxurious! we have a shop in brazil but it isn´t a larger place with tables to sit down an enjoy macarons. 😦 and I can´t say witch one is my favourite, since I could only afford a single one. 😦 soooooooooooo expensive for such a tiny sweet treat!!
    you look stunning as usual, I really like your outfit and hairstyle, very cute and angelic!

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