Delicious Crepe Party

Hello dear readers! How are you? Enjoying the weekend? I hope so!


A couple of weeks ago my friend had a birthday party in Harajuku. She chose a creperie called La Fee Delice as the venue. It was definitely a good choice!



Crepes in Harajuku are usually the triangular sort, but this place was more authentic (and it was decorated with all sorts of French memorabilia to prove it!). I came to the conclusion that with more authentic crepes it’s the crepe itself that is the point of enjoyment, but the point of the triangle ones is the filling! I also had a nice mint tea to freshen up in preparation for the sweet crepe. The cup was very cute!



Here’s my outfit. The birthday girl is a classic lolita so I went for the old grandma couch and bonnet combo.



Coincidentally my friend Alice had the same idea! Great minds, eh.



Considering we didn’t plan it at all we made pretty good twins! It was a very pleasant surprise.



My jumperskirt is Metamorphose Gobelin Rose of course, my blouse is Franche Lippée, and bonnet is Triple Fortune. I pincurled my hair for the first time and absolutely loved how it turned out! I was planning to brush the curls out a bit for a vintage look according to the tutorials I looked at, but I liked the ‘tate roll’ effect just as it was. I will definitely try this again!


Thanks for reading and see you again soon,






5 thoughts on “Delicious Crepe Party

  1. Accidental twinning is the best! You guys look so cute! We need to have a triplet day ❤ I also liked the way the pin curls came out. I've been trying them on my short hair and it's taking a long time for me to get it right.

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