Review: Vanillas Traumfabrik

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Recently I was was sent some items by the German indie brand Vanillas Traumfabrik to review.


I received a decorated padded envelope containing three items, nicely packaged, plus a flyer for the shop and a lovely handwritten note.


This first item I’ll talk about is the flower bobby pins. They are a nice antique pink colour and sturdily made. They give a touch of cuteness to a simple hairstyle like braids, or you could use them combined with other classsical accessories. Since they are subtle and versatile, I’m sure I will use them a lot! Roses are always lovely.


The next item is a rosette two-way brooch/hair clip. It’s in my beloved blue colour!


I love the wax seal in the centre, it’s such a unique detail. I wish I was a better photographer because it looks even nicer in real life. I was particularly delighted with this item because it goes perfectly with my Metamorphose regimental stripe items.


The nice thing about having a two-way pin/clip is how versatile it is. I think this accessory will be a good addition to either school or royal themed coordinates. It would look nice with the sashes/echarpes that have been popular lately. You could also pin it on your hat or jacket, clip it in your hair or onto an existing hair accessory. I actually used the clip instead of the pin to attach it to my waistcoat since I didn’t want to make holes.


You’ve already seen me wear the final item, it’s a petit four ring. The tiny blackberry is so adorable! The mini rhinestones are also a cute detail.


It’s an adjustable ring so it even fits my small fingers. When I opened the ring I suddenly thought I should have warned her that my size is very tiny, but actually it wasn’t a problem. I could simply squeeze it smaller. Another good thing about this ring is that though it’s sweets jewellery, it’s not so flashy that it looks out of place with a classic floral print. It also went nicely with the otome outfit I wore in Kawagoe which included strawberries and jam motifs.


Thank you very much to Vanilas Traumfabrik for these lovely items. I think this brand is very adorable and it’s always nice to have items from indie stores to add a unique touch to your outfits.

You can buy these items here:

Please also check out their facebook and blog!



2 thoughts on “Review: Vanillas Traumfabrik

  1. Hello dear ❤ Thanks a lot for your review ^^ I'm glad you like it!
    The clip matches really good with the Meta-Coord and also the ring with your Otome-Outfit ^^

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