Koenji Surprise Street Performance Day

Hello dear readers! How are you?


A few weeks ago there was an event in the area of Tokyo where I live. Koenji is famous for it’s second-hand shops, live houses and quirky atmosphere. This event was certainly quirky! There were street performers wandering about and doing their various shows. As I approached the Look shopping street I saw a scary monster, and I heard “Don’t be Cruel” playing somewhere close by. As I waited at the crossing a giant Elvis appeared!



He was actually my favourite performer that I met that day. As I continued to walk I met more performers, a lot of them on stilts and all with a pretty scary image! Elvis was the tamest and friendliest so I liked him best. Here’s my outfit:



I wore Blooming Snow White! I love this dress so much recently and I wear it a lot. It doesn’t really look like a lolita dress on me, but I don’t mind. I just won’t think of it as one!



As I said, the performers were scary rather than jolly, and most of them just stalked about on stilts and didn’t really say anything (which added to the trippy experience I suppose), but this kappa fellow chased me! His costume was really cool, but oh dear, I was frightened. His horrid claws scraped my neck as I escaped! He was super popular.



Koenji’s liveliest hours are pretty short, from about 1pm to 4pm. There are no shops open before 12pm except for convenience stores, so please bear that in mind if you visit. When it got quieter I stopped for tea at my favourite cafe, Nanatsumori. They change their menu often and today I had a sakura rare cheescake. It kind of looks like purin! It was really nice, refreshing and not too sweet.



I also took a picture with this cat thing that always seems to be around:



I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I hope you can come and visit Koenji sometime!


See you again soon,






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