International Lolita Day In Brighton

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Did you have a nice International Lolita Day? I hope so. I spent the day in my home town, with old and dear friends. We have known each other since before I’d even heard of lolita! Although they don’t wear it themselves, they kindly tolerate my crazy dressing. The theme of the outfit I wore that day was teddy bears!



Albert Bear is another old friend. My jumperskirt is Innocent World’s Bisque Doll and everything else is offbrand and vintage. The bear ears are from Poundland, and I added extra pearl beads around the edge to make them a bit prettier.



Although I said I spent the day in my home town, it was in Brighton which is the nearest big town to my real home town. We started off out reunion party by having cream tea at The Mock Turtle tearoom in Poole Valley.



The scones were giant!I couldn’t finish them but I did manage to eat all the cream. We walked off the scones around the Pavillion Gardens. The Royal Pavillion is a crazy pseudo-asian palace built by George IV when he was Prince of Wales.



We then went to a nearby bar and had Pimms in a teapot! I seldom drink alcohol but I like Pimms on a nice summer day, and the teapot idea was very cute.



After that we went to Lucky Voice, which is an English karaoke box chain. We sang lots of songs from musicals, my favourite! After that we went to a pub, and my friend thought it would be amusing to have me pose like this:



Our final stop was JB’s on the seafront, an American style diner that serves huge and delicious milkshakes! I met Elvis (or possibly a botoxed Alvin Stardust).



I had a lovely time with lovely people in a lovely old town. It will be a happy memory that I’ll always keep!


Thanks for reading and see you again soon,





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