Kawaii Leaders Contest

Hello dear readers! How are you?

This post is to tell you that I have entered the Kawaii.i contest. They are looking for girls to act as ‘Kawaii Leaders’, who will promote Japanese fashion around the world.

I want to share with you what I wrote on the entry form, and also explain my reasons for entering, and hope that I can get your vote!

Kawaii.i asked each entrant to define what ‘kawaii’ means to them. This is what I said:

Kawaii is a special type of cuteness. It means keeping a youthful and open heart, appreciating innocence and sweetness, and loving the pretty things we are attracted to without worrying about what others think.

I love lolita fashion, I love learning about it’s history and thinking about where it could have come from and why it came about. I like putting together outfits in my private time and I like wearing it for fashion shows and photoshoots. When I discovered lolita fashion it changed my life. I found something that I could really love and be dedicated to. It gave me more confidence and helped develop my personality and decide the kind of person I wanted to be and what I wanted out of life.

By acting as a Kawaii Leader I hope I can help other people to experience the same thing that I did. I really want to keep this fashion alive so that it can touch many different people all around the world for years to come. I think it is a really special thing and it has enough depth and uniqueness to stay around for a long time.

Even if I don’t win this contest I won’t give up on my mission! But I would be very happy if you voted for me nonethless 🙂 All entrants have two photos, and here are mine. Vote by clicking the link beneath these photos and then clicking “Vote” in the left-hand corner.

sapphira half body

Vote Here!

sapphira full body

Vote Here!


Thank you so very much for your support now and always!



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