Babushka Day

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Today I’ll tell you about a lovely cafe in Shimokitazawa. I noticed Sachi (Kokusyoku Sumire) and Reica Chatani posting about it, and I really wanted to go and check it out!


It’s called Babooshka and it’s a retro style cafe that displays and sells lovely handmade items like dolls and accessories, plus works of various artists. Kokusyoku Sumire have held concerts there and Atsuko Kaneda the artist and maker of delicious cakes works there. It is a perfect place for maidens!


I went there together with my friend Aviva who writes Solar Flight Voyage. We wore Russian-inspired outfits and of course we accessorised with babushkas!



Aviva bought something in Wonder Rocket in Shimokita and the staff took a polaroid of us for their customer photo wall. They also kindly took some extras for us to keep!



A close-up of my headscarf. I added flower accessories to it this time.



This onepiece is Victorian Maiden from around the early 200os. The skirt is so small that it’s not possible to wear anything but the flattest petticoat. I don’t mind that though, flat skirts are very handy for everyday wear! I like this dress very much, and I actually got it the first time I visited Babooshka a couple of weeks previously when they had a flea market there. Everyone was so kind! My bag is Innocent World, blouse is Gunne Sax and other bits and bobs are second hand and offbrand.



The way the cakes are served is so pretty, and they are totally delicious too! I’ve had chiffon cake and cheesecake, both so good. There’s also a selection of hot and cold drinks and you can get pasta and curry too!



The interior is so quaint and cute, and full of my favourite things like antique toys and pictures of pretty girls! There is a whole wall of adorable bunka dolls, old and new. I just want to live here!



Since we had matching outfits I thought it would be cute to do purikura. It came out pretty well! I’m still not very good at decorating but I decided I like this machine called Milk Beauty because it has lots of stupid stickers with quotes about milk and it makes you look like a baby.


I always have a nice time with Aviva and I’m looking forward to our next outing. If you have a chance to visit Babooshka, I really recommend it! I think it has a unique atmosphere and the staff are so kind, and it’s location in Shimokita makes for a nice day out. As I said it is perfect for maidens, but anyone could enjoy it I’m sure!


Babooshka is located five minutes walk from the South Exit  of Shimokitazawa station. It is open every day except Wednesday from 12pm to 9pm. The address is Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa, 2 Chome−1−1.

下北沢駅 南口徒歩5分

Thanks for reading and see you again soon,





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