Goodbye Long Hair

Hello dear readers! How are you?


If you follow my facebook page or instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve made a big change to my appearance recently.



Yes, my hair is gone! I was considering cutting it for a long time and I finally went for it. I originally wanted it very short, but the stylist ended up giving me this little bob. I actually like it a lot and probably it’s a good idea as a gentler transition.. I still might go for really short hair sometime though!


I really enjoyed having long hair and I feel like I made the most of it. I tried lots of different hairstyles and I had fun maintaining it and seeing how long it would grow. From a few months ago though, I kind of started to feel lacking in inspiration and like I needed a change. Sometimes very long hair can start to take over your life and weigh you down, and I admire how free  and confident girls with short hair look. I thought about it for a long time and looked at a lot of pictures of girls with short hair, and suddenly I was asked if I would consider cutting my hair for a particular modeling job. It seemed like a sign, so I said yes!



When they cut the first big piece off, I felt tears come into my eyes. I felt sad for my poor hair that I had spent such effort looking after and had served me so well! But that was just for a moment and then I felt excited again. When the cut was finished I felt so refreshed and happy, and I haven’t had any regrets since!


I’m really looking forward to experimenting with my hair and trying out all sorts of things with it. Luckily I already learned to pin curl before cutting my hair so I can try a lot of different techniques with that and some retro styles.



I wore this outfit to meet solarflight and redtonic in Shinjuku one day. I had a lovely time with them and I felt happy with my new hair.



Blouse- Innocent World

Skirt- Fairywish

Bag- Swimmer

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





9 thoughts on “Goodbye Long Hair

  1. Wow, I would take your hair trimmings and glue them to my head :-P. This short style looks gorgeous and retro on you. I think any style can get boring after a while, I have had mine short for around 7 years and although it is fun and low maintenance, I think it is time to grow it now. Looking forward to seeing how you style it!

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