A few outfits….

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Today I’m sharing a few outfits, two otome kei and one lolita.


First otome kei!

一番目! IMG_5465

The skirt is an old favourite from Innocent World. I bought the jacket in a second hand shop in Koenji. It’s made of thick jersey so it’s very comfortable, but the print and colours make it hard to wear. It’s a shame because it’s a nice shape too! I did a side-swept fringe and plaited my hair into two French braids and tucked the ends in for a short hair effect. I’m still thinking of having my hair really short and wavy, like Elizabeth Taylor or Dorothy Dandridge. It’s hard to change your image in my line of business though! I still haven’t updated my portfolio properly since my last haircut….


Next, lolita!

二番目! IMG_5051

I’m wearing an Innocent World onepiece, Heart E headbow, Tabio socks, Jane Marple necklace, vintage gloves and offbrand shoes. I like red and brown together, like strawberries and chocolate!


Finally, back to otome!

三番目! IMG_5102 I’m wearing a Laura Ashley sailor blouse and Jane Marple jumperskirt. The blouse is very thin, soft cheesecloth-type fabric which makes it lovely for summer. I wish I was summer now!


Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back with more posts soon!





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