Brilliant Star Decorations Vol.8

Hello dear readers! How are you?


In April I modeled again at Brilliant Star Decorations, a lolita fashion and live event.



This time some new brands joined the fashion show; Juliette et Justine and Rosemarie Seoir. Dangerous Nude and Triple Fortune were featured as usual, plus accessories from Pure Black Gothic Labo and Michal Negrin and hosiery from Nude Sox. Hair and makeup was by Kurara System, using wigs from Black Sheep wigs.

ブランドはJuliette et Justine、 Rosemarie Seoir、Dangerous Nude、Triple Fortune、Pure Black Gothic LaboとMichal Negrin. ヘアーメイクはクララシステムでした。ウイッグはBlack Sheep wigsでした。


Namickey and his team provided amazing styling! I opened the Juliette section of the show in this beautiful pale blue one piece. I was so happy! With me are Rin and Mayu (vocalist of Straight Free Children) looking so cute in Rosemarie Seoir.

Namickeyさんのヘアーメイクはとても素敵ですね!ショーの中で私はJuliette et Justineのトップでした。Julietteの水色いワンピースが大好きです!この写真はりんちゃんと真由ちゃん(SFCのvocal)と一緒です。二人さんの可愛らしい洋服はRosemarie Seoirです。


Please check pictures and reports of the event below ↓

レポートをチェックしてみてね! ↓


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





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