Recent Outfits

 Hello dear readers! How are you? Today I’ll share a few recent outfits.


The first is a kimono! It’s a furisode (long sleeve) kimono. I really love the bold blue colour. The hair accessory I made myself last year. By chance it matched this kimono well!


It’s fun to wear something really elaborate and beautiful like this. If you come to Japan, I hope you can try wearing a kimono!


sapphira van doorn


The next outfit is Lolita as usual! The theme is teddies.


Onepiece, socks- Innocent World

Hat- f.i.n.t

Cuffs- Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 

Bag- Disney


ワンピース、靴下- Innocent World 

帽子- f.i.n.t

袖止め- Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 

バッグ Disney

I hope I can visit Duffy at Disney Sea again soon! 


I think I can call the next outfit Retro Lolita. Lately I’ve been adding more black to my wardrobe. I think it looks chic and bold when teamed with white or red!



Hat, blouse- Vintage

Skirt- Katharsis

Others- Offbrand

スカート- Katharsis

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!






15 thoughts on “Recent Outfits

  1. You always look so, so elegant and adorable! I swear you should be in the Gothic Lolita Bibles regularly – like how I remember Victorian Maiden had lots of Western models in the earlier volumes. 🙂 My favourite outfit is the retro Lolita one, but that kimono and Innocent World OP are absolutely gorgeous too!

    • Thank you very much indeed! You are too kind.
      I think I like the retro one best too 🙂 It can feel a bit strange to wear a big hat but I really enjoyed this one somehow!

  2. I love every single one, they are really beautiful and fit you well! My favourite is the teddy bear one because I love teddies and it reminds me of a really old outfit of yours that made me arrive on your blog.

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