Mitsubishi Ichigokan

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Yesterday I went to Cafe 1894, the restaurant attached to Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. They are serving a Tenno no Ryoriban collaboration menu until the drama finishes airing. The menu consists pork culet, chicken cutlet, beef cutlet and lobster bisque. For the cutlets, only five pieces are made per day, so you must get there quickly before they are sold out!



Luckily we got there in time!


I had heard about this restaurant a long time ago but this was my first visit. Apparently it was used as an office when the building was a bank. It is quite dark inside with a high ceiling and wooden paneling. Somehow it’s easy to imagine it as it once was, with rows of clerks busy at work.



Since there were four of us we ordered one each of the cutlets and two of the soups, plus some other bits and pieces from the normal menu, and split it between us so we could get a taste of everything.



Everything was nice, but the beef cutlet was the winner! It was great to look at with a perfect texture and yummy taste. After we tasted it, we ran out of the restaurant and down the street shouting ‘Doyajaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!’  until we found a cookery class to enrol in.


Well, no we didn’t really. But it was still good!


Before we went to the restaurant we visited the exhibition at the museum. The subject was the painter Kyosai and his student Josiah Conder. It was interesting to see the works of Kyosai which covered a wide range of subjects from landscapes, mythical beasts, religious art, beautiful ladies and epic fart battles. Afterwards I took a picture with famous architect and fellow Brit Josiah Conder.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon!





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