Birthday Tea

  Hello dear readers! How are you?


Last Friday (17th July) I had my 27th birthday! Over the weekend I celebrated with my friends.
Here’s my outfit for my birthday party:


My dress is Juliette et Justine, hair accessories from Paris Kids, socks from tutuanna and a handmade necklace.


We went to the TWG cafe in Jiyugoka! I ordered this ‘Lavender Kiss’ tea because I wanted an exciting tea that I couldn’t find easily in other cafes. It looks really pretty but to be honest it was a bit sweet and perfume-y for my taste. I wanted a soothing lavender scent but it smelt and tasted more like summer berries to me. Nice if you like that sort of thing I suppose!



As for food, I ordered the “Chic” afternoon tea set. You could chose between smoked salmon or foie gras sandwiches, plus veggie sandwiches. I went for the smoked salmon and it was really good! There were a choice of desserts too and I went for banana walnut poundcake and matcha financiers. I was pretty hungry so these were really satisfying.


 I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and they all looked so wonderful even in the heat. Thanks for coming girls, and for your lovely presents! And I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. See you again soon!





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