Peter Rabbit Cafe

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Recently I visited the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Jiyugaoka. Jiyugaoka is a cute neighbourhood with a lot of cafes and boutiques.



For that day, I chose a simple summer outfit with a Mary Magdalene onepiece dress, Shirley Temple headddress, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bag and Oriental Traffic sandals.


The cafe is surrounded by greenery with gives it a cool and countryside-ish atomsphere, though it’s in the middle of town. There are seats indoors and on the terrace, which is shady enough to sit on in summer. I went for the course menu since all the dishes looked so cute that I wanted to try as many as possible!



First was a salad, decorated with an adorable cut-out of Tom Kitten. It also came with some dry ice, I’m not entirely sure why.



The main course was a ‘cottage pie’. I have to put it in inverted commas because it was nothing like a cottage pie! It was bolognese sauce and it was topped with cheese. Maybe potato lasagne would be a better description. Actually the menu described it as a ‘meat sauce and potato gratin’ so at least they were partly honest about it. Anyway the cheese cut outs were ever so cute and I loved the Peter Rabbit bread effigy!


   Finally the dessert course! A piece of strawberry tart and a Peter Rabbit scone with your choice of jam. The tart was very nice! The scone was a little disapointing but I still ate it. Again the presentation was adorable.



All in all, I enjoyed the cafe and I’d say it was definitely worth a visit. The food was ordinary but the presentation was cute. The cafe itself was prettily decorated it had a nice relaxed atmosphere. The outside terrace is particuarly nice in summer and the Jiyugaoka location means that you can include it as part of a nice shopping day. 

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





6 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Cafe

    • I didn’t read the Japanese description before so I was surprised by the tomato flavour! Theme cafés are often disappointing when it comes to how the food actually tastes. My friend was saying the Hello Kitty restaurant in Kyoto is really good though!

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