Merci, mon Paris! Je t’aime!

Hello dear readers! How are you?


You might have heard that I went to Paris to film for The Emperor’s Cook. We were there about a week and most of the time was taken up with filming. However, I did have a free morning one day and so along with genuine Parisienne Noemie (who played Francoise’s friend Simone) I went out to explore the city.


We walked around St Germain church and found a painting of another Sapphira! Of course, this painting is based on the biblical story of Ananais and Sapphira who were very naughty ideed and came to a nasty end. Look out for it if you go and see if you think there is a resemblance (probably not).


We browsed a book shop and had lunch at Cafe de Flore. I had a mushroom omelette which was tasty but extremely unphotogenic, so here’s a picture of the menu instead.


We wandered around and took in the atmosphere, and finally had tea at Sebastien Gaudard before returning to the set. 


Filming in Paris was for me probably the most enjoyable part of making the drama, and in my case my very first scene was filmed here by the Seine. When making pictures things are filmed quite out of sequence, and it turned out that the first thing I shot was the scene where I run along the river to where Shintaro is painting. It was only a little scene with one line but I felt so happy and so excited that beautiful, crisp, sunny morning when my name was announced as I came onto the set. I’ll never forget it! I’m very grateful for the whole experience, even the hard bits!


The Emperor’s Cook DVD boxset will be released in November, and I suppose there will be some extras including behind the scenes in Paris. I’m looking forward to seeing it and at the same time hoping that it won’t be too embarassing, haha.

天皇の料理番のDVDエキストラを楽しみにしています!恥ずかしいかもしれないけど… 11月ですね!皆さんたのしんでね!

Thanks for reading and see you again soon! 





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