Summer Holiday

Hello dear readers! How are you? It’s Obon week, so a lot of students and working people are on holiday. I’m sort of on summer holidays too, though I had a couple of auditions. 


One of the best things about Japanese summer is going to a festival! My friend invited me to Fussa Tanabata Matsuri. It’s getting more and more popular each year apparently.

夏休みは楽しいですか?お祭りへ行きましたか? 私は福生七夕祭へ行きました!  

I wore my Uniqlo and Takehisa Yumeji collaboration yukata again, this time in an ordinary yukata coordinate.


This festival had an international flavour that made it especially fun, I suppose in part due to the American presence from the nearby air base. Along with the usual karaage and kakigori there was also jerk chicken, bubble tea, and Indian and Chinese food! I ate a lot, haha.  



I met some fans of The Emperor’s Cook while I was there. Thank you for talking to me, it was a pleasure!


Hope you are all enjoying your summer! Or your winter, or no particular season, depending on where you live…. Anyway I hope you’re on holiday! Thanks for reading and see you again soon.





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