Tenno no Ryoriban Recipe Book

Hello dear readers! How are you?


There was a special recipe book released in conjunction with The Emperor’s Cook featuring dishes from the series. I received it as a present from TBS after the production wrapped.



Along with a friend I tried making the salmon pie that Tokuzo serves at the Hotel Ritz. It was a little bit tricky but it turned out very tasty! The filling is salmon, bechamel sauce, mushrooms, onion, parsley and a little bit of rice.


It was hard to get the pies looking beautiful and there were some explosions….  


Anyway the taste is the most important thing and it that we succeeded! I’m looking forward to trying out more recipes in the future. 


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





2 thoughts on “Tenno no Ryoriban Recipe Book

  1. 天皇の料理番を 今更ですが見て とてもドラマに馴染んでいてよかった、とお伝えしたくコメントを残します。great job.fantastic.

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