Hello dear readers! How are you?


Recently I went to stay at my friend’s family house in Oiso, Kanagawa prefecture. We also went to Niigata together to see the Echigo-Tsumari Art Trienniale which I’ll write about next time! 


We went to visit Bun-chan and his mother! Isn’t he a handsome fellow?  



We also visited this adorable cake shop that was decorated with antiques!


We had dinner at the Geihinkan, a Western-style residence built during the Meiji era. It is now an Italian restaurant and also popular for weddings. We had a prowl around inside while we were waiting for our pizzas. By the way, I took almost the same picture wearing the same dress at Luseinekan. Maybe I’ll try to do this everytime I see a dressing table!


Here’s me outside the Geihinkan. And look, a fairy is peeking out behind me! Thank you for a lovely time, my fairy, and lots of luck for your further studies abroad!


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





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