A long overdue update

Hello dear readers! How are you? I’m sorry it’s been such a long time!


To catch up, I’ve been traveling, working and attending some lolita meet ups. The first thing I’d like to mention is Journeys in Japan. I went to the island of Shikoku to make a television program about  the Iya Valley. It was a wonderful experience visiting this remote area and I was also delighted to recieve some kind messages from people who had watched the program. They are all very much appreciated and I’m sorry to take a long time to write back sometimes!


NHK World- Journeys in Japan



If you haven’t seen the program yet, you can watch it online on NHK World On Demand.

Once again I modeled at the Gothic Lolita fashion event Brilliant Star Decorations. It’s so much fun being onstage and the audience members are a fashion show themselves!


In contrast to  BriDeco, I also did a catalogue for Blue Blue Japan.

BLUE BLUE JAPANのカタログにも出ました。ブリデコよりおとなしいですね!

Once again, apologies for not keeping up with blogging. I want to regularly update again this year!



Thanks for reading and see you again soon,



2 thoughts on “A long overdue update

  1. I watch NHK World and I caught your episode of Journeys in Japan. You were very entertaining and whimsical in it. The village with the life sized dolls was…interesting. Probably not a place you’d want to get lost in late at night without knowing what it was.

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