Noe Café

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Today I’ll tell you about a truly charming cafe in Tokyo! I wish I could visit more often but it’s a little tricky to reach from my place.  


It’s called Noe Cafe and it is filled with miniature treasures! It’s really cute both inside and out and the food is delicious too.



I was seated at the glass-topped table which doubled as a showcase. Here are just a few of the things inside!



I was very taken with these wooden (or wood effect?) Disney figurines. I think they’re kind of sophisticated kawaii. Aren’t they??? I hope someone agrees haha.



This is the inside of a tiny English cottage. I love the table cloth and the tea cosy! And guess what, the tea I ordered came wearing a matching cosy!


There were so many lovely things to see in this unique cafe, I really recommend a visit! I would also like to thank the cafe staff for being so kind and for watching Tenno no Ryoriban. I hope to see you again soon!


Thanks for reading! See you next time,




Noe Cafe

3-14-1 Heiwadai Nerima-ku Tokyo




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