ILD Cats Tea Party

Hello dear readers! How are you?


At the weekend I attended the TIL International Lolita Day tea party at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Roppongi. The theme was ‘Cats Tea Party’ so I wore Triple Fortune’s koma neko print.


It was my first time trying out wa-lolita after many years of consideration! I suppose I went the safe route with a Japanese print. Here’s a closeup of the print:

Cute!! I started collecting koma inu recently, I really love them.

I tried a cat ear hairstyle with my wig. It was very easy, just roll up a section on each side and then put in lots and lots of pins.

It’s a bit hard to see but I used red eye makeup for a ‘wa’ look.


It was very peaceful at the hotel and I particularly liked the savory menu items and also the tea itself which was baked apple flavour. It had a nice natural and not too sweet taste.

The little apple tart looked so pretty! The chocolate cake was probably my favourite dessert though.


It was a big meet up so it was hard to talk to everyone, however I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s wonderful outfits, particularly how each person interpreted the theme differently. I’m really grateful to our mods for organising such lovely meet ups; it isn’t easy but it’s much appreciated!


How did you celebrate International Lolita Day? Thanks for reading and see you next time!





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