Cheburashka Cafe

Hello dear readers! Have you heard of Cheburashka, the monkey-like character from Russia? I didn’t know of him until I came to Japan, but perhaps he’s popular in your country?

I visited the Cheburashka Cafe in Kichijoji with friends as part of an early birthday celebration.   

I ordered curry and salad which came with a little Cheburashka biscuit. It was pretty good!

Here’s a full shot of the outfit I wore that day:

Thanks to my friends for a lovely day, and thank you for reading!




6 thoughts on “Cheburashka Cafe

  1. I love Cheburashka!! So cute. None of my friends knew what Cheburashka was though. For reference, I was born in the USA and grew up here. Your outfit is so elegant, by the way!

  2. Kawaii desu ne! I grew up with Cheburashka, when I spent my childhood in Soviet Russia (Moscow). He is considered a national hero. He lives with a crocodile and the crocodile works at the zoo.

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