Peter Rabbit Exhibition 

Hello dear readers! Here in Japan many schools and companies have been on summer holidays. During the holidays I went to an exhibition celebrating 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter. Laurens Seiji came too!

He’s a big baby and getting a little heavy for me!

He’s been sticking his tongue out a lot lately 😛

I got him a little set of board books at the gift shop and a print of some elegantly attired rabbits to hang in the living room.

The exhibition is on until the 3rd of September at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.
Thanks for reading and see you next time!


3 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit Exhibition 

  1. That Peter Rabbit exhibit looked lovely, I remember during White Day here in Japan this year there were Peter Rabbit 150 anniversary chocolate tins, and I got one of them. I came across your blog from otome kei related stuff, and also Marie Antoinette because of your Antoinette blog post. I am just curious is your baby half Japanese?

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