A fresh start on YouTube 

Hello dear readers! How are you?

As always, thanks for reading this blog. I’ve really enjoyed blogging in the past but more and more I’ve found it hard to keep up with posting regularly. At the same time I really miss having a hobby and interacting with people online.

While I was expecting my son I started to watch YouTube, first for advice about pregnancy and babies and then just for fun as I found so many great channels that I love to watch! Finally I got inspired to restart my own channel. I’ll be posting a new video every Friday so I hope you will watch me over there from now on. I might still do a post over here occasionally but YouTube will be the place you’ll find me at most of the time.

Here’s my most recent video and please look forward to a new one tomorrow!

Thanks for reading/watching and see you again soon!



Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers, and Happy New Year!


I hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed your holidays and celebrations. I went back to the UK for three weeks to celebrate Christmas with my family there. I love spending time quietly at home at Christmas, chatting and watching ghost stories, and I really enjoyed myself.


I returned to Japan in time for the New Year holiday, which is one week. Again I had a quiet time, and according to my annual tradition I was ill (though thankfully not as badly as last year). I moved from a small apartment to a good sized house this year, and I got a kotatsu (heated table) and shougatsukazari (New Year decoration) to celebrate my first New Year there.



On the second, I went to Azusamiten shrine in Tachikawa for Hatsumode (first visit to a shrine of the year). It was pretty crowded and very cold! I wore my new-to-me Emily Temple Cute red wool coat and Innocent World Anniversary Teddy Bear Collection socks. Red is such a nice warm colour, it’s lovely to wear in winter!



People go to the shrine to pay their respects to the deities, and to buy omamori (lucky charms) and omikuji (fortunes).  I am a bit wary of fortune tellers but I got an omamori. It’s good to carry soemthing to remind you to do your best!



This one is a charm for work. There are many kinds, for love, health, exams etc but I got this one because I want to try very hard with my work this year. 2014 was such happy year for me with a lot to be grateful for and I want to make 2015 the same.


I wish you all the best for the New Year and hope you can acheive your dreams and make new ones too! Thank you always for reading this blog and sharing my happiness.




Goodbye Long Hair

Hello dear readers! How are you?


If you follow my facebook page or instagram, you’ll already know that I’ve made a big change to my appearance recently.



Yes, my hair is gone! I was considering cutting it for a long time and I finally went for it. I originally wanted it very short, but the stylist ended up giving me this little bob. I actually like it a lot and probably it’s a good idea as a gentler transition.. I still might go for really short hair sometime though!


I really enjoyed having long hair and I feel like I made the most of it. I tried lots of different hairstyles and I had fun maintaining it and seeing how long it would grow. From a few months ago though, I kind of started to feel lacking in inspiration and like I needed a change. Sometimes very long hair can start to take over your life and weigh you down, and I admire how free  and confident girls with short hair look. I thought about it for a long time and looked at a lot of pictures of girls with short hair, and suddenly I was asked if I would consider cutting my hair for a particular modeling job. It seemed like a sign, so I said yes!



When they cut the first big piece off, I felt tears come into my eyes. I felt sad for my poor hair that I had spent such effort looking after and had served me so well! But that was just for a moment and then I felt excited again. When the cut was finished I felt so refreshed and happy, and I haven’t had any regrets since!


I’m really looking forward to experimenting with my hair and trying out all sorts of things with it. Luckily I already learned to pin curl before cutting my hair so I can try a lot of different techniques with that and some retro styles.



I wore this outfit to meet solarflight and redtonic in Shinjuku one day. I had a lovely time with them and I felt happy with my new hair.



Blouse- Innocent World

Skirt- Fairywish

Bag- Swimmer

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!