Birthday in Hakone 箱根で誕生日

Hello dear readers! It’s been a long time since I last posted and a lot has happened. Today I thought I’d share how I spent my first birthday as a Mummy!


We all spent one night away at Hakone, right by Lake Ashi. I had a nice time relaxing in the hot spring baths and went to an Italian restaurant with a lake view for dinner.

The next day we did a little bit of sightseeing at the Hakone Detached Palace Garden. It’s not the catchiest name but it’s a lovely place!

Can you spot anyone on the balcony?

Thanks for reading and see you next time!



International Lolita Day 2015

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Last month the Tokyo International Lolitas celebrated International  Lolita Day  with a tea party at Jardin de Luseine in Harajuku.

先月原宿の ジャルダン・ド・ルセーヌで国際ロリータの日のお茶会へ行きました。

I wore Innocent World’s Antique Pansy onepiece. It’s only the second time I’ve worn it since I was saving it for the party (I wore it once as a test- wearing clothes is such a serious business!). I really love the 1950s look that it has, and inspired by that I made a veiled headdress with ribbon pansies to match the ones on the dress. The pansies are quite simple to do but look very effective providing that you have the right ribbon.



Jardin de Luseine is a very popular spot for lolitas  these days. It has several rooms all decorated in antique style so it has just the right atmosphere.



We had a choice of tea or coffee served hot or iced, and this dessert plate. There was a cronut (croissant doughnut), berry panna cotta, and a stewed fig with cream inside. The fig wasn’t so popular generally but everything on my plate disappeared quite quickly somehow!



We had one floor all to ourselves so we had plenty of time for photo taking. Lots of people did the playing piano pose, myself included!


The mods organised some fun games for us including a raffle. They even put together little goodie bags for all of us! They did a great job organising a really fun day for us.  


Thanks for reading and see you again soon!





Recent Outfits

 Hello dear readers! How are you? Today I’ll share a few recent outfits.


The first is a kimono! It’s a furisode (long sleeve) kimono. I really love the bold blue colour. The hair accessory I made myself last year. By chance it matched this kimono well!


It’s fun to wear something really elaborate and beautiful like this. If you come to Japan, I hope you can try wearing a kimono!


sapphira van doorn


The next outfit is Lolita as usual! The theme is teddies.


Onepiece, socks- Innocent World

Hat- f.i.n.t

Cuffs- Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 

Bag- Disney


ワンピース、靴下- Innocent World 

帽子- f.i.n.t

袖止め- Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 

バッグ Disney

I hope I can visit Duffy at Disney Sea again soon! 


I think I can call the next outfit Retro Lolita. Lately I’ve been adding more black to my wardrobe. I think it looks chic and bold when teamed with white or red!



Hat, blouse- Vintage

Skirt- Katharsis

Others- Offbrand

スカート- Katharsis

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!