Birthday in Hakone 箱根で誕生日

Hello dear readers! It’s been a long time since I last posted and a lot has happened. Today I thought I’d share how I spent my first birthday as a Mummy!


We all spent one night away at Hakone, right by Lake Ashi. I had a nice time relaxing in the hot spring baths and went to an Italian restaurant with a lake view for dinner.

The next day we did a little bit of sightseeing at the Hakone Detached Palace Garden. It’s not the catchiest name but it’s a lovely place!

Can you spot anyone on the balcony?

Thanks for reading and see you next time!



Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers, and Happy New Year!


I hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed your holidays and celebrations. I went back to the UK for three weeks to celebrate Christmas with my family there. I love spending time quietly at home at Christmas, chatting and watching ghost stories, and I really enjoyed myself.


I returned to Japan in time for the New Year holiday, which is one week. Again I had a quiet time, and according to my annual tradition I was ill (though thankfully not as badly as last year). I moved from a small apartment to a good sized house this year, and I got a kotatsu (heated table) and shougatsukazari (New Year decoration) to celebrate my first New Year there.



On the second, I went to Azusamiten shrine in Tachikawa for Hatsumode (first visit to a shrine of the year). It was pretty crowded and very cold! I wore my new-to-me Emily Temple Cute red wool coat and Innocent World Anniversary Teddy Bear Collection socks. Red is such a nice warm colour, it’s lovely to wear in winter!



People go to the shrine to pay their respects to the deities, and to buy omamori (lucky charms) and omikuji (fortunes).  I am a bit wary of fortune tellers but I got an omamori. It’s good to carry soemthing to remind you to do your best!



This one is a charm for work. There are many kinds, for love, health, exams etc but I got this one because I want to try very hard with my work this year. 2014 was such happy year for me with a lot to be grateful for and I want to make 2015 the same.


I wish you all the best for the New Year and hope you can acheive your dreams and make new ones too! Thank you always for reading this blog and sharing my happiness.




Halloween Treats

Hello dear readers! I’m really sorry for posting so sporadically lately. It’s for a nice reason though- I’ve been moving house! I was extremely lucky to find the kind of house that I dreamed of, and to be able to move into it several years earlier than I thought possible! It’s still a rather empty, if lovely house at the moment, but I’m planning to show you my homemaking progress here.

Anyway, todays post is a seasonal one, so I really neeeded to post it sooner rather than later! Of course, it’s about Halloween, specifically the spookily delicious eatables that I have been sampling.



Well, the first one isn’t that spooky. I went to Q-pot but the Halloween plate was sold out! anyway this headless lady is kind of creepy and I added festive stickers. Of course, the cake was delicious and so pretty!


I did get the Halloween magic colour-change drink though! This is the same drink as in the first picture, but after adding lemon syrup.


Here’s something not spooky but nice and autumn-y. A pumpkin danish and pumpkin latte from Tully’s. The danish was really good, and I love semi-sweet things like pumpkin and sweet potato much more than super sugary things so it was really my taste. As for the latte, since I don’t like coffee it’s always a 50/50 chance if I’ll like a ‘something’-latte since sometimes it’s just milk and sometimes its coffee as well. In this case it was coffee as well, so not a winner for me.


Next it’s a creepy burger! Burger King recently made an all black burger as a limited item. I couldn’t face the thought of the black cheese, but I decided to try the McDonald’s version that was released for Halloween. It has the same black bun (coloured with squid ink and charcoal) but the rest is fairly normal. I didn’t like the peppery bun very much but there were some delicious dried onion things inside that I loved! It also has some teriyaki sauce I think. It was pretty good.


Of course it looks terrible though.


This one is more autumn-y than Halloween-y, but since it was so good I’ll show you! It’s from Cafe and Meal EN. I hadn’t heard of this cafe before but found it by chance when I was out shopping for a new vacuum cleaner haha. There were lots of lovely juicy chesnuts in this cake, plus some amazing caramelly, nutty crunchy things. It was great!


From the same place, their Halloween cake. Again, they were really generous with the pumpkin pieces and it was super yummy! And the Jack O Lantern is very handsome.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the food pictures! Have a lovely Halloween with lots of treats~

Thanks for reading,