Day Out in Kawagoe

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Recently it was a holiday period in Japan- Golden Week. I wanted to use my holiday to visit a place that I have never been to before!



I researched some places that I could easily reach from Tokyo, and I came across Kawagoe. It is in Saitama prefecture, about one hour away from Tokyo. It is famous for it’s old buildings, and has the nickname “Little Edo” and used to be part of the old capital.



The day before was Children’s Day, and so there were still carp flags decorating the streets. These are the prettiest I’ve seen, and I think perhaps they were painted by children.



My outfit theme that day was “Strawberry Garden”. It is actually a very brand-y outfit, much more than usual! My hat is f.i.n.t, cardigan Emily Temple Cute, t-shirt axes femme, jumperskirt Jane Marple, socks and bag Metamorphose, and shoes from Swimmer. I also wore the jam jar necklace I made recently and the petit four ring I received from Vanilas Traumfabrik to review. Please look forward to it!



I got the sandals during a little Golden Week spree! I saw a photo of them on Swimmer’s facebook page and went to Laforet to have a look them them. They were even cuter in real life! I went back home and debated what colour to get, and the next day went to the newly refurbished shop in ALTA to get the red ones. So happy that they fit all right! I can’t usually get shoes in Japan but I take a smaller size in sandals due to having narrow feet. They are very comfy and I’m tempted to go back and get the black and the brown pairs too. Stop me please!!



There were lots of souvenir shops and food stalls selling yummy things, and as Kawagoe is famous for sweet potatoes a lot of them featured that ingredient. My reccomendation is this- imokoi (potato love?!). It is really delicious and one of my favourite things I have ever tasted! The outside is like a steamed bun, and inside is a layer of anko and then a layer of sweet potato. The texture is really satisfying and it’s just the right sort of sweetness that doesn’t get too sickly. I managed to limit myself to two but I wanted more!



There were some quaint retro and unique shops and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Of course the buildings were interesting and one could see various types of architecture. I also went to the festival museum, where they had floats used during festivals. I don’t know if you have heard of these, but they are impressive to see. I am planning to go back to Kawagoe in October to see the festival in action! And eat more imokoi….



Walking around I noticed some giant animals.I’m not sure why they are there but they were amusing!



It was a nice trip and I’m looking forward to my next visit to Kawagoe! I also hope I can go to many, many places in Japan, and tell you all about them.


Thanks for reading and see you again soon,