Country Lolita Outfit

Hello dear readers! How are you?

Just a simple outfit post today. I wore this to take Laurens Seiji for a walk in the park. My dress is by Victorian Maiden.

Thanks for looking and see you again soon!



Strawberry Dessert Buffet

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Did you celebrate St Valentine’s Day? In England, usually gentlemen give their partners flowers and chocolates, and sometimes couples will go out to dinner or a special date. In Japan, women give men chocolate, or sometimes people just give chocolate to their friends and co-workers. Making handmade chocolates is quite popular.


I made these simple chocolate cornflake cakes and decorated them with manly bears and blue hearts. Grr! You need 100g chocolate and about 80g cornflakes. Melt the chocolate, stir in the cornflakes until they are completely chocolate covered and then spoon them into cake cases. When they have cooled down a bit you can sprinke on some decorations (or leave them elegantly bare, as you wish). After that leave them in the fridge for a while to set completely. Easy! 


I also went to a tea party with lolita friends. We went to the Stawberry Dessert Buffet at the Hilton. There were all sorts of strawberry things- strawberry milk with tapioca beads, strawberry madelines, strawberry macarons, matcha strawberry cake etc etc…



I liked the tapioca best, I think I had three or four of them. I wanted to get my money’s worth so I paced myself, alternating between sweets and savories in order to fit in as much as possible! I think I did pretty well.


Some people wore strawberry themed outfits which was very cute! I was going to but then my friend gave me this amazing Juliette et Justine dress which I just had to wear right away! 



The material is gorgeous, plus I love the length and neckline. Thank you ♥︎ And on this particular day I’m glad it wasn’t too tight on the tummy!


Thanks for reading and see you again soon,





Birthday Tea

  Hello dear readers! How are you?


Last Friday (17th July) I had my 27th birthday! Over the weekend I celebrated with my friends.
Here’s my outfit for my birthday party:


My dress is Juliette et Justine, hair accessories from Paris Kids, socks from tutuanna and a handmade necklace.


We went to the TWG cafe in Jiyugoka! I ordered this ‘Lavender Kiss’ tea because I wanted an exciting tea that I couldn’t find easily in other cafes. It looks really pretty but to be honest it was a bit sweet and perfume-y for my taste. I wanted a soothing lavender scent but it smelt and tasted more like summer berries to me. Nice if you like that sort of thing I suppose!



As for food, I ordered the “Chic” afternoon tea set. You could chose between smoked salmon or foie gras sandwiches, plus veggie sandwiches. I went for the smoked salmon and it was really good! There were a choice of desserts too and I went for banana walnut poundcake and matcha financiers. I was pretty hungry so these were really satisfying.


 I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and they all looked so wonderful even in the heat. Thanks for coming girls, and for your lovely presents! And I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. See you again soon!