Peter Rabbit Exhibition 

Hello dear readers! Here in Japan many schools and companies have been on summer holidays. During the holidays I went to an exhibition celebrating 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter. Laurens Seiji came too!

He’s a big baby and getting a little heavy for me!

He’s been sticking his tongue out a lot lately 😛

I got him a little set of board books at the gift shop and a print of some elegantly attired rabbits to hang in the living room.

The exhibition is on until the 3rd of September at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.
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Peter Rabbit Cafe

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Recently I visited the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Jiyugaoka. Jiyugaoka is a cute neighbourhood with a lot of cafes and boutiques.



For that day, I chose a simple summer outfit with a Mary Magdalene onepiece dress, Shirley Temple headddress, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bag and Oriental Traffic sandals.


The cafe is surrounded by greenery with gives it a cool and countryside-ish atomsphere, though it’s in the middle of town. There are seats indoors and on the terrace, which is shady enough to sit on in summer. I went for the course menu since all the dishes looked so cute that I wanted to try as many as possible!



First was a salad, decorated with an adorable cut-out of Tom Kitten. It also came with some dry ice, I’m not entirely sure why.



The main course was a ‘cottage pie’. I have to put it in inverted commas because it was nothing like a cottage pie! It was bolognese sauce and it was topped with cheese. Maybe potato lasagne would be a better description. Actually the menu described it as a ‘meat sauce and potato gratin’ so at least they were partly honest about it. Anyway the cheese cut outs were ever so cute and I loved the Peter Rabbit bread effigy!


   Finally the dessert course! A piece of strawberry tart and a Peter Rabbit scone with your choice of jam. The tart was very nice! The scone was a little disapointing but I still ate it. Again the presentation was adorable.



All in all, I enjoyed the cafe and I’d say it was definitely worth a visit. The food was ordinary but the presentation was cute. The cafe itself was prettily decorated it had a nice relaxed atmosphere. The outside terrace is particuarly nice in summer and the Jiyugaoka location means that you can include it as part of a nice shopping day. 

Thanks for reading and see you again soon!




Innocent World 15th Anniversary Fashion Party

Hello dear readers! How are you? I’m sorry for the delay between this and my last post. Year-end is a very busy time!


Today I’ll tell you about Innocent World’s 15th Anniversary Fashion Party that I attended. First, here’s my outfit:



I wore the Geraldine onepiece, Teddy Collection socks and carried the violin tote from the mook (all Innocent World). I could not find a navy bolero or blouse from Innocent World in time for the party, so instead I got this one from Metamorphose. Actually I really love it, it fits so well! Innocent World usually has pretty short sleeves for me unfortunately. I made my headdress, shoe clips and brooch with a Christmas theme. I braided my hair with silver ribbons to match!



I’m so in love with the mook and the  tote that came with it. I actually seldom use totes, but this one is really a handbag so it’s perfect! Since it’s canvas it will be especially nice for spring and summer. The mook is very interesting, with articles on Yumi Fujiwara’s personal collections including teacups and teddy bears- so lovely! There are two nice photoshoots, one  high fashion-looking and quite different from the usual Innocent World fare, and the other very natural, relaxed and cute, again quite different from how we usually see Innocent World presented and my personal favourite. I love to see girls looking happy and comfortable while wearing lolita!



Another interesting feature is the textile museum, which presented a selection of Innocent World prints etc catergorised by theme (etching, embroidery, animals etc). Since it has the year they were released, it’s particularly interesting to look back on the earlier works. Embroidery is not as common these days in lolita, but there are some lovely ones in the museum! Maybe it should be time for a comeback?



So, on to the tea party itself! It was held in an Italian restaurant in Shibuya. We were in the basement floor, which was made to look like a grotto, with a shallow pool and a rockery behind. We were asked not to take photos, and the light was so dim anyway it would have been a bit pointless. I’ll try my best to describe everything though!


20131229-174110.jpgWe were given a program for the afternoon, and a box wrapped with floral paper in an Innocent World bag. The staff told us it was breakable, so be careful! I guessed then what it was, and I was right. We all took our seats which faced the pool. There were some VIP guests sitting in booths including Arika of Ali Project! It was then time for the first fashion show to begin. The models walked on the path around the pool and also posed on a somewhat rickety platform in the pool. It was a bit scary but they managed it very well! I was excited to see Machiko, I always like her pictures so much and I was delighted to find that she is really graceful and beautiful in real life. Although she often models gothic clothes I think she looks so charming in Innocent World!

プローグラムとプレゼントをいただきました。Ali ProjectのARIKAさんがいました!ファッションショーは二つありました。私の好きなモデル、街子さん、歩きました。とてもステキでした!イノセントは本当に街子さんに似合います。


I can’t quite remember which clothes were in which show, but I think the Peter Rabbit collaboration was in the first show. Since I couldn’t take pictures I’ll show you pictures from KERA. Collaborations of this kind are seldom quite to my taste, but I did like the blue jacket, which is of course based on Peter’s blue jacket. I like this kind of subtle interpretation of a theme. But where is Mr MacGregor’s tam o’shanter??? It could be very lolita I think.

ファッションショーで新しい商品を見ました。Peter Rabbitのコラボのうす青いジャケット大好き!


During a talk later, Ms Fujiwara said that while in design school she had a project to come up with her own shop, and so she decided to make a Peter Rabbit shop with clothes based on Peter Rabbit. All these years later, it really happened!

After the fashion show there was a talk given by an expert in antiques. She talked about Edwardian illustrators including Arthur Rackham and of course Beatrix Potter (a very interesting woman).  She showed us what I think were first editions of some Beatrix Potter stories and of Undine illustrated by Arthur Rackham. There were some reproduction Edwardian postcards and prints available to buy at the party. After the talk we had a little bit of free time for shopping etc (of course there were Innocent World items to buy). During this time I was able to talk a little bit to the designer! She remembered me from the KERA/Hyper Japan competiton when I won the chance to model for Innocent World on stage. She was so kind and friendly, I am afraid I was terribly nervous and awkward but I am really happy I met her.

先生はBeatrix Potterについてトークショーをしました。おもしろかった!ファッションショーとトークショーの後休憩がありました。あの時、少し藤原さんと話しました。私のことを思い出しました!本当にうれしかった!藤原さんやさしいですね。


The second show featured this carousel print, it’s really lovely in real life, especially the beige colourway! There are two different versions, one with a plain and one with a printed bodice. I liked the plain version though it seemed on the short side!



This very classical dress was also featured. I like it a lot! Simple but lovely. There were also some nice plain-cloured pieces in chiffon and lace, they look really pretty and dreamy. The last outfit was a wedding dress! It had sparkles all over and plenty of lace. For the finale, Radetzky March began to play and we all clapped along. The models and the designer walked out for the final time onto the rickety platform! It was a nice ending.


We had another talk show, this time with Ms Fujiwara. She answered some previously selected questions, about where she gets her inspiration from and so on. She said that she travels in Europe and takes photos to collect inspiration. Her hobby is playing piano, and her favourite series released this year is the Teddy Bear Collection. I was glad to be wearing something from that series! I think she said that the teddies are her own, and to make the print she put them in different poses and photographed them.

We also had a quiz about Innocent World. We all stood up and when we got a question wrong, we sat down. I got quite close to winning, but failed the skirt length question. Finally there were four girls standing, and they kept going for the same answers! It seemed it would never end. Finally it did and the winner was given a prize. She kept apologizing for getting some questions wrong, it was very sweet! There were also raffle prizes chosen by ticket number. Those whose numbers where drawn could get prizes selected by models Yui and Yura!

It was a nice event and very packed with things to watch. It might have been nice to have had some food and some mingling time, but the fashion shows and talks were really well done and the quiz and prizes were good fun.

Finally I’ll reveal the present that was given to all that attended:

ジャジャーン!ステキなプレゼントはTeddy Bear Collectionのマッグカップです。可愛い!毎朝の紅茶を飲みながら、すばらしいファッションパーティーを思い出すことができますね。うれしい!


It’s a Teddy Collection mug! I really love it. I’m super happy I could attend this event and now I’ll remember this happy day every morning when I make tea!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and see you again soon.