Inokashira Park Zoo

Hello dear readers! How are you?
Back in March I went to do another day of cherry blossom viewing, this time at Inokashira Park. I had another special reason to go there, as you’ll find out soon!
First, here’s my outfit:
Onepiece, Jacket: Vintage
Hat: corgi-corgi
Bag: Metamorphose
Others: Offbrand

I think it looks a bit Ghibli-esque, which was appropriate as the Ghibli museum is not far from here.
The cherry blossoms were still a bit sparse here, but it was romantic to see the branches drooping down to touch the lake. 
So, here is the main reason I visited:
Guinea pig! And what a handsome one~
At the so-called “Molmott House” you can go in and hold a guinea pig for a few minutes. They were all remarkably good natured. I suppose they rotate the ones that are held so that none of them get stressed. There were hundreds of them, it seemed! I really liked my one, he was a dear little chap and I wish I could have kept him….
I also saw a racoon! Very cute and cunning.
Lovely camelia flower (I think that’s what it is….)
Perhaps these are wallabies? Oh dear, I should have posted these when I still remembered all the names….
A magnificent fowl in the bird house, just sitting on the stair rail looking fabulous.
Ice cream! It was such a childish day, zoo and then ice cream….
Look at this dear little squirrel! Japanese squirrels are so small, and it’s quite uncommon to see them apart from at the zoo. I saw a wild one in Kamakura the other day though!
This funny fellow may or may not be a spiny echidna *edit- he’s an African porcupine. Thank you, clever readers! There were a pair of them living together, one lazy one snoozing in a box and one active one who rushed about all over the place, snuffing at everything as if his life depended on it. Finally he decided to go and wake the lazy one up. He gave him such a fright all his spines stood on end!
All in all it was a lovely day, especially the guinea pig who I will never forget. He was ever so much nicer than the orang utan I held at Singapore Zoo who wouldn’t stop picking his teeth and made a dreadful photo souvenir.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thank you so much for reading and see you again soon.