Name:Sapphira van Doorn

名前: サフィラ・ヴァン・ドーン

Date of Birth: 17th July 1988

生年月日: 1988年07月17日

Place of Birth: West Sussex, United Kingdom 

出身地:英国 ウェスト・サセックス

Height: 5’8″




Hello! My name is Sapphira van Doorn, and I work as a model and actress. I was born in West Sussex, England, and I live in Tokyo, Japan. In this blog I will share my outfits and also bits and bobs from my daily life.


I love classical lolita, otome and retro fashion and to relax I like visiting museums and cafés or watching old movies and sewing at home.


I hope you will enjoy my blog! Thank you for visiting.


You can find me on other sites too!






Daily Lolita


14 thoughts on “Profile

      • Ohhh, you’re 11cm shorter than me hahaha ! I was really thinking you were very tall (you still are if we compare you and all those japanese cuties !)

        Thanks for the answer, I was really afraid because you could have considered this question as rude…><

        I'm glad I've found your blog (…not so cool it was after a secret on BtB by the way) but I found your coordination on this secret so simple but also so beautiful, that I couldn't do anything than searching for your blog !

        Thanks for your kindness. I'll look often here to see the new posts !

        I have lots of other things to ask to you but I don't want to annoy you so I'll stop here !
        Sorry for the eventual mistakes, and I wish you all the best !

        Greetings from France !

      • Wow, I’m short compared to you then, haha!

        I did not know about the secret since I don’t check BtB, but I am glad it led to us chatting here!

        I’ve been a bit lazy with my blog lately because my laptop is very old and rather tiring to use. However I want to begin updating weekly once again!

      • I also hope you’ll be able to, because I really find your blog interesting ! (and since it’s more focused on daily life, and cultural things as museums, in addition to lolita, I think it’s well balanced, and not only based on the “my outfit this day was” thing -which seems just boring to me- !)
        You have a lot of chance to live in Japan. I really want to see this country which seems really rich conerning the cultural and artistic side. As a future student in history of arts, who wants to be specialized in asian arts, I really envy you !

        I’m also glad, that because of this secret (I hate secrets, I only check them to be sure not to be in one of them ! This is the plague of the Lolita community) which wasn’t that nasty, I’ve discovered someone new in the Lolita world, and I’m happy to see lots of people intereste by the same things as me.

        (Argh, I’m telling you my life in a public mode, what a shame ><)

  1. Hello Sapphira, hope you’re having a lovely day!

    I really enjoy your blog as your style inspires me so much! Mostly I’m a sweet Lolita, but I’m looking more into Classical Lolita and otome-kei styles thanks to your blog, and I’m interested in sewing my own garments.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I was wondering about how you made this white dress. Like, what patterns did you use, or did you draft it yourself, etc? It’s so gorgeous and every time I see it I’m amazed!


    • Hello Ellie! Sorry for my extremely late reply…

      Thanks for your lovely comments! The pattern for that dress was drafted for me by a dear friend. I don’t think I know of a specific similiar pattern, but you might be able to find something in the usual GLB or Otome no Sewing. You could combine a high collar blouse and a skirt pattern perhaps. Anyway, good luck on your sewing journeys!


      • That’s really sweet of your friend! I could actually combine some patterns now I think about it. Thanks for your response, Sapphira – and it doesn’t matter that it’s late. 🙂


  2. Hello!!Sapphira! Hajimemashite.

    I live in Hong Kong but I love watching Japanese drama!
    I’m so impressed that you can write and act in Japanese. How do you do it??
    My partner and I are looking forward to the Paris story bit where you’ll be playing a very important role in the Japanese drama ‘ Tenno no Ryoriban .’
    I hope you’re well-adapted to Japanese rainy season… it could get very humid and hot..unlike England.
    Take care and sleep well!

    • Hello Kimi! Hajimemashite 🙂

      Thanks for your message!

      I studied Japanese as my hobby since high school. Considering it’s been a while since then, my level is still very low… but I keep trying to improve!

      When I first experienced Japanese summer I didn’t like it at all, but now I don’t mind too much. At least it is more predictable than English weather! How is the weather in Hong Kong? I have been there for a very short visit but I hope to go again someday!

      I do hope you have been enjoying Tenno no Ryoriban. Thank you very much for watching!

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed your show on NHK! Dancing in the hills of Shikoku! You look more Japanese than most Japanese. Very elegant indeed! You were great! Well done!

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